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Wednesday 5th of March 2005

A hot nice day

sunny 25 °C


And.... breakfast at H.E., children to school.
A warm, sunshiny day, so we went to Fewa Restaurant at the lake, sunbathing, reading, relaxing, discussing how to get everything in our bags and what is coming still.

On the way back to the Internet, but again in the middle of tuesday report powercut, everything lost.

A few last shoppings, and back on our way to school.
I gave the framed picture and the locks to the assistent headmaster, just a few minutes before the children came out of class, so they did not had an opportunity to Tika us again!
Said goodbye to the teacher of the children. He was very sad and said that the children will miss us again enormously. Told him that it is the plan that in January I WILL BE BACK!! if Buddha is with me!

At the home Martin was there. He is from Germany and one of the two big sponsors of the home. He and his wife brought up the money to buy the land for the new home.
We told him that considering goods and materials the children are well covered, that IF they want to do something, it should be sponsoring one of the children and safe the money for building the house.
In our discussion we came up with the idea that Barbara and Pete, the other big sponsor - who will be coming out in the summer for two months - will make a info-book for the volunteers to come. They should know that the home is having materials, the books we bought, the colourpencils locked away and the balls and badmintonsets, etc. When they know this, they can go and use it, as well as trying to get the children to draw new things, not only mountains.
I am sure Barbara and Pete will take care of this.
As soon as I will be home I am planning to make contact with them through email, to tell about my experiences in the home and ideas for the home.

The children are getting aware of us leaving tomorrow.
Monica was glued to me, Sofia is glancing at me from a distance. We told them that we are going to Mamma Mia Pizzeria, which made them very happy, jumping and singing. By leaving Monica jumped in my arms, kissing me all over.

Tomorrow will be a big hugging day, I will try to keep my eyes dry, but can't promisse.!

Diner at H.E. and for our last pancake to TeaTime. A glass of wine, back to the room, trying to finish my book, but sleep was knocking on my door.

We are not sure if there will be Internet in Chitwan. If it is, you will be updated from there, otherwise you will have to wait until we are back in Kathmandu wednesday evening or thursday morning.

Until then, take care, because we care,
Peri Betaunlah
Gurash and Sanghita with their last report from Pokhara Penthouse.

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Tuesday 4th of March 2008

Time is ticking

sunny 24 °C

Same routine: Breakfast at H.E., walking the children to school.
Don't know if it is the rain or the exams coming up, we had a bunch of moody children.
Around 11:00 the sky cleared up and it is hot again.
A perfect day for Fewa restaurant at the lake, reading and watching from our sunchairs.
Lunch on the roofterrace of Zorbas, a bit more sunbathing (I even burned reddish over my already browned arms).

To Internet, but halfway the update of monday: powercut!
So, I have to do that tomorrow again.

And the same routine:
15:30 at the school, walking the children home.
Michael grabbed my hand and was telling lot of jokes.
The children were very happy: Thursday holiday - no school.
That day it is Shiva Ratri: a festival.
The stories the children are telling about this festival goes that in the evening they will make a big fire and put sugarcans in the fire. Taking them out later and throwing them on the floor they will make a big bang!

Tomorrow we have to sort out at what time we will go to the Pizzeria and at what time the fire and fireworks will be.

It is good to know that we are going to Chitwan, the National Park, to see the baby elephants, riding elephants through the jungle, hopefully see rhinoceros, tigers and more. That will take my mind of missing the kiddies, I hope.
Anyway I am already gratefull for the time we could spend with them.
Luckily my brain is working properly, otherwise you could see me coming home with at least two little ones!

Also for the children it is good that it will be Shiva Rathri.

Diner at Himalayan, coffee, bedtime.

Subha Rathri, Peri Betaunlah,
Sanghita and Gurash

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Monday 3th of March 2008

A Hailstorm!

rain 16 °C

Breakfast at H.E. At 09:00 at the home. Almost all the children are having the same problem as us: they don't/won't/can't wake up.
There is a new volunteer in the home: Emma, English, 18 year.
All together we had to hurry the children to get them in time at school.
First back to our room again working on the scrabbooks (about 400 pictures to do!).
It started to get very cloudy, black clouds on their way.
Putting everything inside and just before the heavy rainfaill started we were in the Internet.
From there we ran to TeaTime for a tasty sald.
Sitting inside we could not hear each other from the hailstorm on the tinroof.
Huge hailstones, creating the sound of an automatic gun.

When this 'monsoonrain' stopped we headed frist to the home to collect the jackets for the children, but Thak said he would call a minivan to collect us if it was still raining at 15.15.
At 15.30 still a light rainfall, so we hurried all back home (no minivan!).
Straight to the studyroom, exams coming soon.

Walking home from school small Mamatha was teaching me a Nepali song.
Gurash helped small Mamatha with mathematics, I was doing English grammar (thank you TEFL course) together with Kamal.
When they were finished, we left, because Emma and the teacher were there and it became too crowded in the already too small studyroom.

Walking through Lake-Side to H.E. for a nice diner with spaghettti- potatoes and vegetables.
After Kalo Kopi (black coffee) to our room, reading and an early sleep.

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Sunday 2 March 2008

day off.

semi-overcast 18 °C

Sunday is day off. In bed until 10, coffee on the balcony and coffee at H.E.
A chat with Gomaya and asking about the Tibetan Monastery.
Going with the local bus sounded too complicated on our day off to us, so we found Tishung, our favourite taxidriver.
He took us to the Tibetan Monastery at Sarangkot.
The monk there told us they have brought 1000 buddha's there, after the revalation of 1000 buddha's.
He showed us a Tibetan prayerbook and read the morningprayer to us.
It takes a long study to be able to read this.

Outside the Monastery 7 Tibetan saleswomen were waiting, we bought a piece of every one of them and left being blessed with an eternal life.

Back at Lake-side for lunch.
In the sunshine sitting on our balcony to work on the photo-albums. For Renske it is the first time she ever made a scrapbook and it is funny to watch her being this busy.

To H.E. for diner and back to our room. Again sitting outside, all the pictures spread out on the table, normallyt we have electricity untill 21.00.
But, as you could expect: 20.15 lights off.
We thought to be clever, picking up the table to put inside - where we always have an emergencylight - but the table did not fit through the door.
Laughing we had to collect all the pictures and spread them inside on the beds, where we worked until around 22.00.
Reading a few pages and lights out.

Sorry, that it might sound a bit boring at the moment, but from Friday you will read more actionstories, when we will be in Chitwan Nature Reserve park.

We still love every minute of being in Pokhara and with the children, but I can imagine that it is not really exciting for you to read it.

Namaste, Suba Rathri,.
Gurash and Sanghita

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Saturday, 1th of March 2008

Kalo Mina.


Pokhara, CWA

Waking up again slowly.
Breakfast at the bakery on the corner, with a really nice Nepali family.
At 13.00 at the home. With the boys to the football ground.
Playing badminton with Bimal. He is really good in it.
Such a dreamer. We saw on the internet that he is in the home for more than a year, although we thought he was not such a long time there, because he is still a bit of an outsider, a loner, a dreamer.
He lost all hist family in a landslide, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles. Because he stayed that night at a friends house he survived.
Bimal is the only real orphan in this home.

16.00 Selfstudy-time. We helped them with overhearing, writing lessons and 'trying' to help with mathematics,
but both of us are not that good in it. We do know the right answer, but to write a complete 'story' how we found at the outcome is too complicated for us, too long ago.
Before dark we left for a Non-Dahl-Baath-diner: enchilladas at Tea Time.
Checking the internet on the way back and back in our room working on the photo-album.

Gurash is telling me that I had again a busy night, I seem to talk a lot in my sleep and move around that much that sometimes I wake up, get my sheets and blankets again, turn around and knock-out.

Subi Rathri, Peri Betaunlah,
gurash and Sanghita

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